MetaEXP: Open the true metaverse experience


MetaEXP strives to provide seamless metaverse experiences for users traveling across various virtual spaces such as AR/VR, contents, games and metaverse platforms. It will connect different virtual/digital services under a single incentive system, therefore creating a unified community where assets from diverse services are interchangeable. This approach maximizes the value and utility of the assets created within the alliance, where the failure of a single project does not jeopardize the life of others in the ecosystem.
Expansion of the humanities into the virtual world has made unprecedented progress over the last few years. Roblox, Sandbox, Zepeto, and many other forerunners of this competition are building their ecosystem vying for the throne. However, their focus is on growing their own platform.
Technological frontiers on digital assets, AR/VR, game, and metaverse have advanced so far that we are seeing multiple convergence points where these frontiers are overlapping. At these points, new systems, both financial and technological, are needed to realize a truly seamless connection between all these platforms and solve the bottleneck at these conjunctions. The advent of such systems will bring forward breakthroughs towards the next level of virtual connectivity.
In the industry where every project strives to create their own sphere of influence, we need a mediator that connects all projects together under the roof of a single alliance and optimizes benefits and stability for the ecosystem participants.
Our goal is to become that mediator by integrating various project assets to be coherently exchangeable to each other. Transactions of digital assets within the MetaEXP ecosystem will be frictionless whether from games, metaverses, contents platforms or marketplaces. All contributors of the numerous services within the ecosystem will receive additional rewards with the same token, $MEXP.
MetaEXP utilizes a multi-chain system where tokens from diverse services (marketplaces, de-fi services, content platforms, games, metaverses)on different networks can be connected and exchanged with each other using $MEXP as the medium of value. Our DEX and multichain technology will facilitate such transactions.
This project is powered by the joint efforts of Tooniplay (mobile gaming company and NFT studio), Lambda 256 (developer of Luniverse and Cyphrly, and subsidiary of Dunamu, Upbit), Daewon Media (Major IP holder and contents provider), and Artlim Studio (Webtoon/animation studio with own webtoon platform).